Martes, Oktubre 22, 2013

Money or Love

                                                                                Money or Love

            Love is the best gift that God gave to us. It is the precious thing that one can make an offspring. Through that thing, we are able to see this magnificent work of God- which is the Earth. Who would have thought that this wonderful thing would turn out into an ogre to human being? Yes an ogre, in the sense that people belittle its ability to unite living creature. People nowadays don’t believe in the sacred word – LOVE for they believe that everything can be bought by money.


               Who will not love the money? It can make friends. You can do whatever you want to do. You can buy things that you like. In just one swipe of your ATM, everything can be in your hands. And you can even buy the life of the person. Indeed, MONEY is so powerful. It is so viral that everyone clings on it and willing to die just to have it.

                So pity for that kind of people. They are the poorest person in this earth and it is good for them to be vanished. But opsss—I forgot, I am not the God. Only God has the right to take the life of each individual. And God looks at us by His LOVE, not by how much MONEY we have.  

People forgot the real usage of money- --it is used to help the needy, not to drown the needy in their own pain.

Love can move in mysterious way- only if you will use it properly.
Money- it is either will make you or will destroy you.