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Lesson: Counters and Determiners                                                          Prepared By: T. Myra A. Alontaga
End Goal:
                -It signifies the presence of a noun

A. Activation
                -Have you experienced giving your order to a staff of a restaurant? What were your orders?
                -There is a family I’ve gone with in a restaurant. The youngest sibling had a very funny order which made of us laugh.
At the restaurant:
                *Santos Family and I went to a restaurant. His father asked everyone what would like for snacks. Lito’s answer made us all laugh.
                I’d like a glass of milk,                                                                     I’d be happy with some biscuits
                With one spoon of sugar, please.                                             or any kind of sweets,
Or pineapple juice without sugar,                                             Slices of bread with some peanut butter
                but two cubes of ice.                                                                      or orange marmalade.

                I’d prefer lemonade                                                                       All these I’d like for snacks
to any kind of cool ade.                                                                 You may double them for lunch
I don’t take coffee                                                                          As for my dinner,
Neither do I like tea.                                                                       Please ask me later.

-Have you met people like this before?
-Have you experienced this or seen like this scenario? When? Where?
-What is you impression to these kind of people?

B. Building Up
                Try to look at the underlined words:
glass of milk                                                                                        some biscuits
spoon of sugar                                                                                  some peanut butter
cubes of ice
-What have you observed to the underlined words?
-What kind of words are they?
-What do we call to the word that can make mass noun into countable noun?
-What do we call to the word being indicated in the beginning of the noun group to indicate something?
-What is the difference between counters and determiners? How and when we will use them in a sentence?
-What is the importance of counters and determiners in the noun?

                1. cups of- two cups of milk
                2. bottles of- three bottles of soy sauce
                3. bars of- ix bars of soap

                1. There’s some salt in the cup.
                2. There is little water in the can.
                3. Much food was wasted.
*Then, the teacher will give another set of examples. After that, the students will give their own examples.

C. Culmination
A. Directions: The following paragraph is an account of the excitement that goes with cooking for the first time. Underline the correct determiner in the parentheses.
                I know how to cook only (few, little) recipes. One day (some, any) of my friends challenged me to bake bibingka special. I didn’t have (some, any) idea about this dish. My sister told me that I would need (some, any) galapong. Galapong is made up of (several, some) rice powder mixed with water. I added a (few, little) sugar to the galapong. Accidentally, I mixed (much, many) baking powder with (several, any) well beaten eggs. I poured the mixture into (much, many) baking pans. When the bibingka was almost cooked, I sprinkled a (few, little) grated cheese on top. We had fun eating my specialty.

B. Directions: Complete the dialogue. Write counters or determiners on the blanks.
Mr. Reyes: Waiter, please.
Mr. Benito: I’d like ____________ orange and ________________ pizza pie.
Waitress: And you, Sir?
Mr. Reyes: _____________ lemonade and _______________ marble cake, please.
Waitress: How much sugar would you like for your orange, Sir?
Mr. Benito: I don’t want _________________.
Waitress: How about your lemonade, Sir? How _____________ sugar would you like?
Mr. Reyes: __________________ sugar and _____________ ice will do.
Waitress: Thank you. Your order will be ready in a few minutes.

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